Who We Are

Unlike the famous saying, ''Every established organization once started in a garage'', Piccosoft was not started; rather the company evolved. A 'One Man Show' evolved into’Teamwork’.

The Team at Piccosoft comprises of wonderful people, who only breathe, drink and eat technology. Technology runs in their blood veins.

We the people at Piccosoft, sit inside a luxurious air conditioned office. So, we don't sweat at work. Our work involves dropping a superset of codes into a dream, into an idea of our valuable Customers. We turn your ‘Passion’ into awesome Web Applications and stunning Mobile Apps.

You own your passion. We at Piccosoft will 'Promote your Passion'.


What our customers have to say about us?

Welcome to a better way of running your business – ‘the app way’

We believe in constructing the largest circle of businesses with anonline presence and we are aiming at making the dimension of this circle wider as time progresses.

Seek online and mobile presence for your business from us and let your business spring upwards and forwards.

We have two different stories to narrate about how we grew up to what we are today. One of the stories is about how a ‘One Man show’ turned into ‘Teamwork’. The second one is how a person, who had once got rejected by a few top Software companies and MNCs, now, owns and successful runs a company of his own, and that’s Piccosoft Software Labs.

It is hard to believe that the Founder and CEO of Piccosoftwas rejected by a few software companies and MNCs. He then started his career in a moderately sized software company. Suresh, who always had an interest in learning technology for creating innovations, started exploring more opportunities to enhance his knowledge in the field of Computer programming and Web development. He also joined as a part-time Consultant in another software company, apart from the job he had.

While he was working as a Consultant, he got introduced to the open source software solutions and PHP. Here's where Suresh's entrepreneurial mindset began working. He decided that he will start taking projects in open source, on a freelance basis. This is where his entrepreneurial journey began. Read More...

The clients, to whom Suresh worked, were highly pleased by his sincerity, commitment and quality of work. They offered more projects to work on. They also referred him to other people, who had projects and were hunting for a good and competent Web developer.

Suresh grew as an able Freelancer and wanted assistance to handle multiple projects together. He began appointing one Web developer at a time to work along with him. He started building a team of developers with varied levels of experience in different open source technologies. The team then grew in size and Suresh formed a company, which is now called Piccosoft Software Labs India Private Limited, having 32 employees with numbers still increasing.

  • 2011

    Started with 3 employees.

  • Presence

    Headquartered in Chennai, with a branch in Bangalore.

  • 32

    In 2017, the strength of employees has increased to this number.

  • 70%+

    Piccosoft is providing solutions to more than 70 percent of Industries.

  • 50+

    Piccosoft has developed more than 50 Web and Mobile Applications.

  • 30+

    We have served more than 30+ Clients, who include Start-ups and Multinationals as well.