Typescript Development

Typescript Development

An American Computer Scientist, Donald Knuth has said, ‘’Programming is the art of telling another human what one wants the computer to do.’’

Developers often tend to consider their work complete when the application runs as expected. Writing a program is not what a good developer merely does. A good developer has to write programs for producing software that is easy to read write and maintain.  At Piccosoft, we do not consider that our audience is just a computer system. We work with a notion that our audience is live humans. We have imbibed the culture of producing clean codes. 

We use Type Script, which is a super set of JavaScript programming that came to existence as an alternative to coding in pure JavaScript. This helps developers to write codes faster, without many errors. It offers a compiler that can covert to JavaScript equivalent code.

At Piccosoft, we use tools that help us write cleaner codes without errors. Type Script helps us find errors with more accuracy. This method not only helps us write clean codes without errors. At the same time, it helps us save a lot of time, as we need not wait until the application actually runs.

We at Piccosoft are always strict followers of deadlines and we always make sure right from the beginning of the project that every process is right in place, right on time and nothing would lead to any delay in delivery. 


We are looking for dedicated resources for my Project. Can you provide?

Yes, we do assign dedicated resources, on demand. Dedicated resources will work exclusively and full-time on your project only.

We are a Start-up and I have not hired employees in-house. Can you provide a technical team for us?

Of course, we can set up a technical team for your Start-up with a Designer, Developers, Architect and Testers.

We want to discuss about a project. What is the convenient time?

We can certainly fix up a convenient time for both of us, for a discussion. Do call me at +91 9840322505 or email me at suresh@piccosoft.com for scheduling a meeting at my office.

We already have a web application. Can you develop a Mobile App for that?

We can develop a Hybrid Mobile App for your web application using Ionic Framework.

We do not have a set-up of our own yet. Do you provide remote resources?

Do not worry about not having a set-up of your own yet. We have our own set-up and the resources we provide to you can work for you remotely, from our set-up.

We have a team, who is working on our project already. We just need two more Developers, whom we cannot hire in-house now. Can you help us?

Yes of course, let us know the criteria like skills and experience. We shall arrange for the resources and provide you with the same.

I have an idea. Can you execute it technically as a fixed project?

Yes of course, we would love you hear your idea. After listening to it, we shall put up a project plan and execute it.

How do you provide support?

We are available 24/7 through various means including, Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Email and Chat. You may contact us through any of these means.

We already have an existing application that is working. We need to enhance it. Can you provide the service of re-work?

Yes, we can certainly re-work on it and enhance it for better design with good look and feel, better user experience and more features. We would want to have a look at it, for recommending improvements for it.

What are the frameworks you are familiar with?

We are experts in Loopback, Mean stack and Fire loop frameworks in Nodejs and CodeIgniter and Laravel frameworks in PHP.