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Technology Expertise

AngularJS Development

Angular 1, Angular 2 , Typescript


Node.js Development

MEAN stack framework, LoopBack , Fire Loop IO


Ionic Development

Cordova , Hybrid App Development


PHP Development

Laravel , Codeigniter


Cloud Services

Amazon , Azure


Bitbucket , GitHub

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A Foolproof Process with Guaranteed Results

At Piccosoft, customer requirements decide our mobility solution development process. After understanding customer requirements, we propose the concept outline and objective of the app and ensure that it delivers value to the end users.

User Centered Design Process

A History of Successful Projects

Here's a few examples that highlight our past work. To view our full portfolio, Simply click on the button below.

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Our 'Services In a Box' comes with everything that is needed for an effective, efficient and a fulfilled Application that come with great features for a good user experience.

Web Development

We analyze the requirement and either choose to use a third party software for customization or develop an application ourselves for you from the scratch.


Mobile App Development

Do you have an idea for a Mobile App. We would love it hear it from you. We'll then plan the best development approach, suiting your requirement.


API Development

We can build the most suitable set of routines, protocols and tools, which can then be easily put together for building a good software application.

Framework Design
UI / UX - Design
Front end Coding
User Acceptance Testing

Our Competence is only because of the technologies we have adopted

The technologies are handpicked by us after a thorough study and Analysis

PHP is a highly commendable choice of language when it has to be used for building dynamic websites that need interaction with databases. It can easily exchange a variety of information.

What makes it even more wonderful is its cost effectiveness. PHP programs run on Linux, which is free. Not just all. The database connectivity is also less expensive when compared to other programs such as ASP, which is based on MySQL, a Microsoft product, which has to be purchased.

Customer Centric Approach

Drawing a smile on our Customers' face is what we love to do always. We are what we are today only because we have been able to always satisfy our Customers. That is only because we create a positive customer experience before, throughout and after the project completion.

  • Dedicated Team

    We provide a dedicated team of developers for every Customer of ours. A dedicated team exclusively works on one project.

  • In housing of project

    Once the project has been assigned to us, we take care of it end to end, right from inception till delivery, at our premises, with our own infrastructure.

  • On time delivery

    We understand that time is most precious to our Customers. So it is for us. We take deadlines very seriously and make sure that project is delivered without even a bit of a delay.

  • Business Idea

    Although we are hardcore techies, with extensive experience of working in different projects pertaining to various domains, we have now become adept in providing ideas to best fit in the technology into our Customers' business needs.

  • Security

    Security is perhaps what is of utmost importance for us. We have placed it at the top in the list of our Company values. We follow only the best Security practices for all the Applications we develop.

  • Support & Mainatnace

    We do not end our relationship with our Customers, after the project delivery. We continue to provide them the much needed technical support and maintenance to make sure that the Application works perfectly in real time.

Industry-wide Technology Solutions

We offer customized web development services to every business ranging from Start-ups to Enterprises and also to the businesses relating to various industries.

Ecommerce Platform

We have developed ecommerce solutions that are robust, powerful and loaded with great functionalities that every ecommerce platform ought to have.

Manufacturing Industry

We have built applications with great features that can automate and streamline the entire manufacturing process within an organization.


We have built several applications pertaining to healthcare sector like platforms connecting hospitals and patients, online appointment with Doctors and Specialists, and more.

Fleet Management

We have developed ample applications that provide Cargo ship owners a comprehensive range of shipping management functionalities.

Social Platforms

We have developed social networking platforms that connect people. We have also developed forum based web applications.

Logistics Industry

We have developed many web applications for logistics industry for automating and streamlining the entire process of inventory management within an organization.

Booking & Events

We have developed booking websites like ticket booking and hotel booking and we have also developed event creation websites.

HR and Staffing

We have developed several web applications that can help an organization manage the entire HR and Staffing process in a hassle free manner.


We have developed travel websites with functionalities like finding a tour, connecting with a tour operator, booking a tour, and more.

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Our Recent Industry Solutions

  • Cloud based School Automated System

    Cloud-based School Automated System is a solution for schools to manage some of the complex processes like fees, results, attendance, and classes. It also includes RFID feature that tracks students' whereabouts while they on their way to school or back home from school. The application is built on Cloud and several schools can subscribe to have their own website and database within this system. Start now

  • Cloud based Manufacturing Industry Automation

    The Cloud-based Manufacturing Industry Automation is a solution for Manufacturing industries to streamline their entire manufacturing processes right from production level to the entire processes including delivery or sales and distribution. The application is built on Cloud andmanufacturing companies can subscribe with the Owner of the application to have their own space and database within the application. Start now

  • Mobile based Food and Restaurant Ordering Sytem.

    The Mobile-based Food and Restaurant Ordering System is a Mobile App where users can register and login and then search for nearest restaurants and eating outlets within their proximity, order food, pay for the food through the App and get it delivered at their doorstep. Start now

  • Cloud based Web and Mobile App for Taxi Booking

    The Cloud-based Web and Mobile App for Taxi booking is an App we developed where users can find a Taxi or Cab from their present location. The location of the user will be tracked through the GPRS. The user can find a Taxi within the proximity, and book it online. Start now

  • Cloud based HR and Staffing Solutions for Recruitment Industry

    The Cloud-based HR and Staffing Solutions is an application that was developed for streamlining and automating the entire HR and Staffing processes, for managing certain complex HR related functions like uploading the resumes of candidates, scheduling interviews, shortlisting candidates, sending out offer letters, etc. The application is built on Cloud and HR and Staffing Organizations or Companies looking to hire people can subscribe to have their own space and database within this application. Start now

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